Textiles Design

Textile Design

original design swatches

Our seasonal fabric collections are developed as unique, one-of-a-kind textile swatches - both woven and printed designs. We sell these at design expos, on sales trips and through swatch agents all around the world. Our clients are major design houses, independent designers, weaving mills, trend forecasters and students of fashion and interior design.

The swatches are completely original, high-end designs that can't be found anywhere else. A sale includes the handing-over of all copyrights in perpetuity for a one-time fee and we make our technical and graphic files available as part of our service. We guarantee the uniqueness of each swatch - Once sold the swatch will never be shown or sold again.

We are always happy to arrange a showing of our new swatch collections. Back to main page.

Textile Design by Rand Gylden